Pharmatrust Professional College


The certificate in healthcare is a one year course run by Pharmatrust Professional College under the accreditation of N.V.T.I The programme is designed to train people who want to work as healthcare assistants in the ever rewarding healthcare system. It also serves as a good foundation for those who want to do nursing (Diploma or Degree). It also equips the trainee with employable skills and training in the healthcare system. The Diploma and Specialist Diploma is awarded by CITY AND GUILDS LONDON(UK). The international recognition(U.K) of this qualification makes student to be also to work not only in Ghana's healthcare system but also international and in all countries that CITY AND GUILDS London UK is accepted (notable Africa: Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey, Italy, Scotland, Australia etc) Prospective students who do not meet the above qualification can be enrolled under the concessional admission programme when the student shows keen interest in the programme.